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I’ve loved and used stone tweezers for a long time as an alternative to hard to use point soldering tools. With tweezers I can place my solder precisely and realign my components with ease, all without stopping during my soldering process. They never held up for very long, so I was inspired to develop our own Jewelry Arts soldering tweezers with everything I look for in a soldering tweezer. A soft touch that eliminates strain on your hands, deep serrations to hold onto those tiny, pesky bits of solder, titanium to keep your fingers cool and tough tips that hold their shape under fire. You can choose between three degrees of tip fineness, depending on the scale of your work and use the vibrant colors to differentiate between the different metals you work in. I love beautiful tools that work beautifully, so I know how much you’ll enjoy working with these.

Kit includes:

3 Tweezers -

Medium Tip (1)

Fine Tip (1)

Extra Fine Tip (1)


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