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Jewelry Arts Inc & ALLCRAFT bring together decades of fine jewelry experience,
we’re excited to share the best tools ever with you!

Tevel Herbstman from Allcraft has been Jewelry Arts most trusted supplier for the last 25 years. He is the one we turn to to find us exactly what we want and need because he truly cares about craftsmanship and making us happy. During the lockdown, Tevel and I spent time talking about where we go from here and how to help students suddenly working at home. Once I was spending far more time online interacting with metalsmiths working in their own studios rather than with my own students here at the Jewelry Arts studio, I noticed a clear theme. There was a shocking (to me) lack of information about which tools to use for what techniques, and how to choose tools for your skill level and interests. Students had (or wanted to buy) expensive tools they had no need for but lacked the basic essentials for work they did all the time. I discussed my discovery with Tevel and the idea for Jewelry Arts Tools was born. 

At Jewelry Arts, we started to thoroughly test and choose our favorite tools for studio work and I would film videos explaining why we like them and how to use them. When the perfect tool didn’t exist, we would design our own and Tevel would use his extensive contacts and knowledge of manufacturing to get the tools made. That is how the JAI Soldering Tweezers and Master Setting Tools Set came into being and we are working on lots more. In addition, We have struggled for years to find a reliable supplier of our alloy fusible 22k gold ready to use wire and sheet. Now we have a great resource of 22k yellow fusible gold, along with lots of other colors and mixes so that students can buy their gold readymade for creating. The tools and projects we are working on are too numerous to list but we’re working hard to provide the best tools and information to fuel your creativity.






Creative Tools & Supply Inc. is the sole owner of the tools on this site and Jewelry Arts Inc. is the designer and consultant.


The Concept Behind the Kits

Although every item in the kits has multiple uses, I wanted to show exactly how, and in what order, I use these tools for things I do every day. I’ve spent many years experimenting and figuring out the best tools and most efficient methods, so that I can accomplish these tasks as quickly as possible, with the best results. Jewelry making is quite time consuming and I will spend any amount of time to get my piece just right BUT I refuse to waste one minute with lousy tools or inefficient methods. Now you can do the same.


- Jeanette

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