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Fear of the torch and soldering is often the one thing standing in the way of you making your own beautiful jewelry. It doesn't have to be that way. This book, Soldering Demystified, with over 190 luscious macro color photographs, will solve all of your soldering problems. Most of the soldering advice out there is confusing, incomplete, and too vague. The author has distilled over two decades of testing in the studio to bring you the quickest, easiest and most reliable soldering methods. Stop struggling with soldering and start making your most beautiful and creative work yet.

Students will learn:

  • What the process of soldering actually entails.
  • What tools are the most helpful for different types of soldering.
  • The fastest and easiest setups to use while soldering.
  • 3 essential criteria for evaluating soldering methods.
  • Torch myths and realities.
  • How to use solder correctly for maximum flow and easiest cleanup.


8 Tutorials with step by step instructions to cover every type of soldering scenario. With Soldering Demystified, soldering frustration and confusion is a thing of the past.


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