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These are the setting tools our master jewelers handmade for themselves and have been using for years. Thousands of hours of practice and thought have gone into every minute detail. Now you can have a set for your very own! There are free instructional videos here on this page, showing you exactly how to use them. There are even more free instructional videos on the Jewelry Arts Inc. YouTube Channel. This set is the right fit for smiths with large hands, the handle is 3/4 of an inch longer thanthe regular set. If you have small or medium hands, please order the regular set, available in the shop. All 10 tools in both sets are completely identical, with the handle being 3/4 of an inch longer in the Large set.


Complete set of ten Master Setting Tools Includes:

1 Bezel Roller-Best for Bezel Settings with room to maneuver. The go-to setter, the one you will more than likely use most often.


2 Prong Pusher-Best for Prong Settings and an occasional tight spot for bezel settings


3 Unsetting Tool- Best for unsetting a stone without damaging it, or the bezel. The tool you hope you never have to use(but you will). It will save your project(and possibly your sanity) when you need it most.


4 Straight Setter - Large 3.5 mm-Best for bezel settings when space or access around the bezel is limited. All three of the straight setters are oval shaped to reduce the space needed around the bezel to use it, from 3.5mm width down to 1.5mm so you just choose whichever one will fit in your available space. A life saver when you have a design with small stones spaced close together, right next to a bail, etc.


5 Straight Setter- Medium 2.5 mm- See above


6 Straight Setter- Small 1.5 mm- See above


7 Brass Flush Stone Leveler- An indispensible tool for pressing stones level and fully into the seat when flush setting.


8 Brass Burnisher-Smoothing and shining the tops of bezel settings or any edge that could use highlighting. The brass burnisher is a great choice for burnishing next to softer stones, as the brass is softer and therefore less likely to scratch softer stones than steel.


9 Steel Burnisher- General purpose smoothing and shining for bezel or prong settings.


10 Tungsten Carbide Burnisher- Tungsten carbide is far harder than steel so the tungsten carbide burnisher can be used for anything you could do with the steel burnisher with the addition of a softly rounded tip perfect for burnishing the tiny bit of metal right next to a stone. This shape and long wearing metal is ideal for flush setting diamonds and other stones.


International Shipping is Available, just reach out through our contact page and we can arrange everything for you!


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