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G Glue is formulated with everything you need to hold gold or fine silver granules in place on flat or curved surfaces with an important additional benefit of an indicator color to tell you if you are using too much glue.
Granulation is one of the most exacting and challenging skills you can master as a metalsmith. G Glue makes it easier and more reliable. I’ve been granulating and teaching other to granulate for the last 30 years and one of the most common problems students have in their setup is their glue. Students want to make sure their granules don’t roll off on the way to the kiln so they go overboard with their glue mixture. Unfortunately, not being able to judge how much glue was enough was a very common problem. G Glue solves that for you. If you see a lot of color, you just mop a bit of it off without affecting your design and you are back on track.


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