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Of all the pitches we have tried, this German red is our favorite! Great resiliancy, and a low melting point (safer and easier to use) are the key factors.

Color : Red

Size : 4.4lbs.

Country of origin : Germany

There aren't any other sizes (weights) of pitch available from the manufacturer so here is how this amount fits with the pitch bowls:

If you are getting the small 4 inch bowl, you have enough for two bowls, so if you and a friend want to share, you will have enough. You can also just use the rest for pitch boards.

If you are getting the 7 inch bowl, the 4.4 pounds won't be quite enough to fill the entire bowl. You can buy two blocks of pitch but most metalsmiths don't fill their entire bowl with pitch. As I show in the attached video, usually we put some scrap steel for extra weight in the bottom and/or mix up some quickcrete  to fill around two thirds of the bowl, and let dry for a day or so. Then, I add the pitch. This particular pitch melts at a low temperature so you can use a hotplate or home oven set at somewhere around 250  degrees.

To watch the full tutorials, go to our Jewelry Arts Inc YouTube video.



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